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The survey from the 2BeSafe European project on which Right To ride commented in depth, has now explained its objectives and has also allowed comments to be made by riders at the end of the survey.

The survey which has been running since April and finishes on 15th May attracted our attention as we felt that this was yet another EU survey wanting to know if you like speeding; If you take risks; if you break the law – and – if you want technology such as Intelligent Speed Adaptations (ISA) on your motorcycle.

It was in our view, another attempt to identify motorcyclists as “bad boys” and to foist technology on motorcyclists as the solution to reduce motorcycle casualties.

The 2BeSafe survey asks motorcyclists about their personal details, family, riding experience, accidents, strategies, motivation and habits, as well as perception of assistance technology systems, including advanced braking systems, navigation units, air bags and other riding equipment.

We had been in contact with 2BeSafe regarding our concerns. Both the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) and MAG Ireland voiced their own concerns.

With the explanation at the start of the survey which appears to address these concerns, it is still does not change the questions within the survey nor does it give us any less concerns that the whole thrust of the survey is to target one group of rider and that any findings will effectively aim to prove a theory.

By allowing those completing the survey to now add comments is in our view an appeasement to riders’ concerns. In fact any completed survey prior to these additions, will be flawed because these riders will have been excluded from giving any comments or opinions.

If you have already filled in the survey, we would ask that you have another go, especially if you wish to leave a comment at the end.

Now Saying

Although 2BSafe now say, “We are only seeking the views of the rider community on existing or proposed tools, with no endorsement or interest in proposing that the use of these tools/ safety-measures would be the preferred option.” And “The current survey is not intended to provide backing to any one set of measures or pre-emptive theoretical constructs, but rather to arrive at a better understanding of all the factors that contribute to rider safety and risk.”

You can do as MAG Ireland has suggested, “If a question makes you feel uncomfortable, simply use the “No Comment” option where provided. Please do read the questions carefully before you decide to commit to answering”.

Of course at Right To Ride we have added our own comments to the end of the survey:

“You have evidently added an explanation at the beginning of the survey to explain the reason for the study and wisely have added space for comments at the end.

However, the content remains the same and is amateurish, misleading and clearly indicates that the people who designed this survey know absolutely nothing about motorcyclists or risk in relation to motorcycling.

This survey has angered a vast sway of motorcyclists unnecessarily.

It is unfortunate that the results of this study will inevitably tell you very little and will be flawed, simply because you have distributed it through one organisation (FEMA) whose National Organisations have as their typical members, middle-aged male motorcyclists who ride motorcycles between 400cc-1500cc. (see Saferider survey – which was also distributed through FEMA – it was deemed to be flawed for that reason).

As mentioned, the European research community seems hell bent on shoe-horning motorcyclists into a one size fits all ID kit and this unfortunately will not help you understand why accidents happen nor how to “improve” safety.

As motorcyclists we are extremely disappointed with the survey and all indications suggest that the outcome of this project is a foregone conclusion.”

You can leave comments and view the full text from the 2Besafe Survey – Click Here


The Survey is available online and is anonymous in the following languages:


The deadline to complete the survey is May 15th 2011.


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