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List of documents regarding the Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) regulations that we have produced at Right To Ride EU.

RWT – Is it Toast?

5th March 2013

The RWT (Road Worthiness Testing) procedures are probably as interesting as dried toast, but as motorcyclists we need to keep on top of these procedures so that we know what our future is.

The Commission’s proposal if implemented would create enormous change across Europe and for different reasons, governments, consumer organisations and politicians have opposing views about the proposal.

Road Worthiness Testing – Is it Toast?- pdf – 650kb – Click Here

RWT – Rights And Responsibilities

24th December 2012


According to the latest information released by the European Commission, a recent agreement reached by ministers would substantially weaken proposed new rules by removing motorcycles and other two-wheelers from the scope of mandatory regular Road Worthiness Testing.

The Commission also suggests that the Member States are watering down the proposals which are aimed at toughening vehicle testing rules to save lives.

 Road Worthiness Testing – Rights And Responsibilities – pdf – 257KB – Click Here

PTI for NI?

24th September 2010

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Right To Ride has responded to the European Commission’s (EU) consultation relating to Periodic Technical Inspections (PTI) for motor vehicles and their trailers by submitting separate comments to the Commission’s online questionnaire.

The purpose of the EU consultation was to seek views on possible new policies regarding present arrangements on PTI and Roadside inspections which includes encouraging bilateral agreements between Member States on quality of testing, mutual recognition of PTI and exchange of information and imposing through EU legislation a standard EU-wide system for PTI.

Right To Ride comments to EU – pdf 273kb – Click Here