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We know that European decision makers, authorities and agencies already scour our “Right To” website for information, so we moved all topics about Europe to a dedicated website where they can have a higher profile, separate from local Northern Ireland issues which remain on

At Right To Ride EU we can highlight topics that affect us all throughout Europe.

Right To Ride EU – News

The information “out there” regarding the issues is available on many motorcycling websites and discussed on forums, but sometimes it is difficult for the ordinary motorcyclist to understand or find.

Furthermore, the reporting of motorcycle issues is sometimes very insular.

Although the “motorcycle community” is world wide, the in-depth reports in countries are in the user’s language and usually contained in rider organisation websites or their members’ magazines, which do not reach the rest of motorcyclists – the non-members.

Of the 33+ million motorcycle and scooter riders in Europe, only a small percentage are members of riders’ rights organisations, so they don’t get to hear about what happens in other countries or even in their own country.

The mainstream motorcycle press do not generally publish in-depth articles on legislative issues, perhaps a few snippets here and there.

At Right To Ride EU our objective regarding “Rider News” is to publish on-line articles or campaigns on riders issues across Europe and even beyond.

Of course we will when necessary make comment from our perspective, especially if it affects riders.

Or simply link to your website to get your organisation out there so that motorcyclists learn about your issues.

The Cost

There are no charges, no obligations from you or us.

The objective is simply to highlight your issues to motorcyclists in the rest of Europe and beyond and to get the news out there, which may be just regular updates from yourselves translated from your language into English (with pictures if possible).


This will also give those in authority the opportunity to see what the motorcycle community is doing and know about riders’ opinions on issues to promote and protect motorcycling.

Motorcyclists across Europe and beyond will be able to see what each other is doing: best practices – joined up – motorcycle aware!

If you have any news regarding riders’ rights issues – your campaigns – promotion of motorcycling – pertaining to motorcycling in your country – whether a rider’s organisation, individual motorcyclists, as a decision makers, or an authority or agency representative, drop us an email – Here