eCall News

You can now view all our press releases and articles regarding the proposed European wide IT system: eCall  – which the EU Commission would like to make mandatory for all vehicles.

eCall is an electronic “in vehicle” safety system that can automatically call emergency services if you have an accident.

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eCall on Motorcycles

ETRA, the European Twowheel Retailers’ Association,  has reported on eCall, a European wide IT system being proposed by the European Commission that would be activated automatically when in-vehicle sensors detect a serious crash. The EU Commission would like to make the system mandatory for all vehicles and to have eCall in place by 2015 on […]

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ACEM on eCall

Comments from the European Motorcycle Industry (ACEM) on the deployment of in-vehicle emergency call (E-call) in Europe Safety is a major priority for the Powered Two-Wheeler industry. ACEM and its members dedicate energy and resources to acquiring and analysing data regarding road safety and Powered Two Wheelers in order to identify and prioritize areas for […]

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Intelligent Transport Systems – The Motorcycle Factor

High on the European Road Safety agenda is focus on passive and active Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to reduce road casualties. Drawing together stakeholders from within Europe: from the Europe Union (EU) Commission through to user organisations, an initiative called e-Safety claims that: “eSafety brings together the European Commission, industry, public authorities and other stakeholders […]

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