Road Worthiness Testing News

From this page you can view all the reports and items that we have produced regarding Road Worthiness Testing – RWT.

In 2010 the EU Commission published a consultation to seek views on possible new policies in this area and to gather relevant information from both the public as road users and vehicle owners, as well as the industries and public authorities affected:  manufacturers, haulage companies, police, licensing authorities and others.

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RWT – MEPs Vote

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg MEPs voted yesterday, 11th March 2014 and accepted the deal with member states on minimum common standards for periodic vehicle inspections, vehicle registration documents and roadside inspections of commercial vehicles. We have been reporting on the original European Commission proposal for a regulation since 2010, which would have included […]

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Earlier today the MEPs of the Transport and Tourism Committee (TRAN) backed an informal agreement on the Road Worthiness Testing package. Back in December we reported that the final compromise text was agreed by the Lithuanian Presidency and the European Parliament on the Roadworthiness legislative package, which consists of three legislative proposals aimed to upgrade […]

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Motorcycle RWT – 2022

It would appear ahead of schedule that negotiations with the European Parliament and the European Council on the Road Worthiness Test (RWT) Package, have been finalised. The Lithuanian Presidency of The Council have announced that heavy motorcycles will be subject to periodic roadworthiness tests from 2022. However giving breathing space to those motorcyclists in European […]

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Trialogues – Is RWT In?

MAG Netherlands the Dutch riders organisation, reports that their Minister of Transport, Melanie Schulz van Haegen, has said that mandatory PTI (Periodical Technical Inspections) for motorcycles may again be part of European PTI regulation (RWT – Road Worthiness Testing).  This is after the motorcycle part was deleted then reintroduced and is now part of parliamentary […]

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RWT – Open Letter

The Federation Of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) reports that it has written an “Open Letter” regarding the present Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) proposal to MEPs in reference to the inclusion of motorcycles from the European Commission. As we know the Parliament’s position which disagreed with the TRAN (Transport and Tourism) Committee’s position of deleting motorcycles […]

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Waiting On RWT!

As we wait for any news from the European Commission in relation to the proposal to include motorcycles in mandatory Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) across Europe, here are some news articles from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) in GB – “Matters Of Testing” blog. This blog offers official advice and information for the […]

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MoT Exemption

Historic vehicles exemption from MoT follows through NI Direct Government Services in Northern Ireland has reported on their news page that from Monday 30th September 2013, motor cars, motorcycles and light goods vehicles manufactured or registered before 1960 will be exempt from the mandatory MoT testing. NI Direct say, “MOT reminders will no longer be issued […]

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MAG Ireland On RWT

The Irish Motorcyclists Action Group – MAG Ireland has published a very handy, clear “guide” – Where are we now? – on the European Commission’s proposal on Road Worthiness Testing. The “guide” also includes information on the European Committees involved in the proposal for the European Parliament, a bit about voting, something about the EU […]

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More RWT Unrest

Back in July we picked up that the Belgium riders organisation FBMC Fédération Belge des Motards en Colère) were organising a demonstration on the 14th September against the proposals contained in the European Commissions Road Worthiness Testing package. Back then we wrote to the FBMC: “Bonjour and please excuse my lack of French. At Right […]

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Throw It Out?

In May this year, the Irish Houses of the Oireachtas (Dáil Éireann (House of Representatives) and Seanad Éireann (the Senate) Joint Committee on Transport and Communications sent its opinion to the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union regarding the Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) proposal. In reference to motorcycling the opinion, “Is of […]

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