Road Worthiness Testing News

From this page you can view all the reports and items that we have produced regarding Road Worthiness Testing – RWT.

In 2010 the EU Commission published a consultation to seek views on possible new policies in this area and to gather relevant information from both the public as road users and vehicle owners, as well as the industries and public authorities affected:  manufacturers, haulage companies, police, licensing authorities and others.

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Hoping For No Surprises

Tomorrow – 30th May 2013 – sees the TRAN (Transport and Tourism) Committee of MEPs vote on a raft amendments on the Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) which will then reflect the opinion of the European Parliament – however we are hoping for no surprises in the vote as regards motorcycles. The meeting and vote are […]

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Historic MoT Exemption

Historic vehicles exempt from MOT – Attwood Northern Ireland Environment Minister Alex Attwood announced on Monday 29th April 2013 that he is exempting pre-1960 historic vehicles from the MOT test. All historic vehicles with a manufacture date before 1960, which have not undergone substantial change, will be exempt from the MOT test. It would seem […]

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RWT Farcical

Update on Road Worthiness Testing The EU parliament’s (Internal Market and Consumer Protection) IMCO Committee discussed the Commission’s proposal for harmonised road worthiness testing in Europe yesterday, the most important outcome is that the Committee voted for the proposal to become a Directive (in line with the EU Council’s position) rather than for a Regulation […]

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Wrong Proposal At The Wrong Time

Recently the UK MEP Brian Simpson (Chairman of the Transport And Tourism Committee), astounded motorcyclists with his comment at the end of a discussion about the Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) proposal (which his committee is tasked to examine on behalf of the European parliament) that he was astounded that 12 member states do not have […]

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Down The Plug Hole!

As reported by some European rider organisations, the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) argues that, “Road users and motorcyclists in particular, have serious doubts about the objectiveness of the EU decision-making process and the actual motives and democratic values of our representatives.” FEMA adds, “It would not be the first time the EU has […]

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RWT – MEP Raising Concerns

In January we reported on the TRAN (Transport and Tourism) committees Public Hearing on the European Commission’s proposals for European wide Road Worthiness Testing (RWT), registration documents for vehicles and roadside inspections of commercial vehicles. The hearing involving two expert panels, with those on the panel giving an opinion on roadworthiness checks, road safety as […]

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RWT – Is it Toast?

The RWT (Road Worthiness Testing) procedures are probably as interesting as dried toast, but as motorcyclists we need to keep on top of these procedures so that we know what our future is. The Commission’s proposal if implemented would create enormous change across Europe and for different reasons, governments, consumer organisations and politicians have opposing […]

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Civilised Road Worthiness Testing

On Tuesday 22nd January 2013, the TRAN Committee held a Public Hearing concerning the proposals for new EU-wide  Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) also known as  Periodical Technical Inspections (PTI) for cars, powered two-wheelers (PTWs – motorcycles – scooters – mopeds) and commercial vehicles and trailers. The European Commission representative commented that, “In a country where […]

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TRAN Public Hearing on RWT

The TRAN (Transport and Tourism) Committee of MEPs is to hold a public hearing, involving two expert panels, on roadworthiness checks and road safety as well as their impact on citizens and business. This committee is dealing with the Commission’s proposals for European wide Road Worthiness Testing (RWT), registration documents for vehicles and roadside inspections […]

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RWT – Rights And Responsibilities

According to the latest information released by the European Commission, a recent agreement reached by ministers would substantially weaken proposed new rules by removing motorcycles and other two-wheelers from the scope of mandatory regular Road Worthiness Testing. The Commission also suggests that the Member States are watering down the proposals which are aimed at toughening […]

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