Road Worthiness Testing News

From this page you can view all the reports and items that we have produced regarding Road Worthiness Testing – RWT.

In 2010 the EU Commission published a consultation to seek views on possible new policies in this area and to gather relevant information from both the public as road users and vehicle owners, as well as the industries and public authorities affected:  manufacturers, haulage companies, police, licensing authorities and others.

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Phil’s “Good Idea”

On the BMF’s rider magazine website, Right To Ride debates with Phil Bennion on his RWT amendments. Rider Magazine published a summary of our article entitled – “Down to the Wire” which we published on the 28th June 2013: “Down to the Wire is a round up of the issues and articles put up on […]

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A Long Tale

As we have previously reported, there was a vote in the European Parliament on the 2nd July concerning the European Commission’s three proposals regarding the Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) package and relevant amendments. The three proposals from the European Commission in the RWT package are: Periodic roadworthiness tests for motor vehicles and their trailers Registration […]

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Riders On – RWT

After yesterday’s European Plenary session at the Parliament in Strasbourg for the vote concerning the Road Worthiness Testing proposals from the European Commission, FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations) as the representative of their members, i.e. European Riders’ Organisations, has released some information on what happened in the vote. Similarly SMC (Swedish Association of Motorcyclists) […]

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Down to the Wire

In mid-June 2013, Siim Kallas the Vice-President of the European Commission, attended a road safety conference in Brussels organised by ETSC (European Transport Safety Council). ETSC is a Brussels-based independent non-profit making organisation which is dedicated to reducing the number of deaths and injuries in transport in Europe. At the conference Mr Kallas gave a […]

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BMF To Brian Simpson

In April 2013 we published an article entitled “Wrong Proposal At The Wrong Time” which included our reply to UK MEP Brian Simpson’s  comments at the end of a discussion about the Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) proposal. Brian Simpson is the Chairman of the TRAN (Transport and Tourism) Committee of the European Parliament, this committee […]

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Keep Up At The Back!

The Swedish rider organisation SMC (Sveriges MotorCyklister) has reported on the recent vote in the TRAN (Transport and Tourism) committee of MEPs regarding motorcycles and the deletion of motorcycles from the Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) package. A Europa press release from the EU Council of transport ministers reports that they will meet in Luxembourg on […]

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MAG Ireland on RWT

The Irish Motorcyclists Action Group – MAG Ireland – has reported on the vote in the TRAN (Transport and Tourism) Committee of MEPs that saw a rejection of the European Commissions proposal to introduse mandatory Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) for motorcycles. MAG Ireland’s PRO Victor Donnelly said: “This is a victory for common sense. We’ve […]

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ACEM – Inclusion of PTWs

ACEM the “Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles” which represent the Motorcycle Industry in Europe has published an article on the “defeated” vote of the European Parliament (TRAN Committee) on Periodic Technical Inspection – Road Worthiness (RWT) package. In the article ACEM state that it, “Had been in favour of the inclusion of PTWs in […]

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Major Victory for FEMA!

FEMA, the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations has intimated that the amendment, adopted by the Transport (Tran – Transport and Tourism) Committee today, excluding all L-category vehicles, including motorcycles, from the scope of the proposed new legislation on Periodic Technical Inspections represents a major victory for FEMA on mandatory PTI. With the Council of Ministers […]

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No Surprises

After todays vote on amendments to the European Commissions roadworthiness proposal, the Transport (TRAN – Transport and Tourism) Committee of MEPs rules motorbikes out of the roadworthiness test package! So it looks like at this stage that here in Northern Ireland and GB there are no surprises and we can keep calm and carry on! […]

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