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List of documents regarding the regulations that we have produced at Right To Ride EU.

IMCO Follows Through!

18th October 2012

On Thursday the 11th October 2012 without much fuss, the IMCO (Internal Market and Consumer Protection) voted on the Approval and market surveillance of two – or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles.

This Article 18 which was originally entitled, “Measures regarding modifications to the powertrain of vehicles…” caused much angst amongst riders and led to furious debate and demonstrations.

This text was changed significantly in a report from IMCO regarding the agreed IMCO amendments to the proposal which was published on the 4th January 2012.

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EU Proposal – Are We There Yet?

29th June 2012

We had hoped to bring you the in-depth details of a final package of the EU Commission Motorcycle Regulation proposal, (aka the Approval and market surveillance of two – or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles) from a European Council working party meeting which met this week.

However while we wait for these details, we have had access to a briefing note from the 1st June 2012 and information from a trialogue meeting on the 19th June, both of which are in the public domain.

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Malcolm in the Middle

16th May 2012

A “high level” meeting took place in Brussels on the 15th May between the European Parliament’s negotiating team led by Chairman of the IMCO Committee Malcolm Harbour (MEP), the Danish Presidency of the EU Council of Member State Governments, and the European Commission, to thrash out the various positions and amendments to the proposed regulation.

Furthermore, it was also made clear that the measures that would be introduced for restricted motorcycles – e.g. mopeds, 125cc and possibly for the new A2 licence, were not directed at users and had absolutely nothing to do with bikes in use, with the aftermarket and any modifications that motorcyclists may wish to apply to their motorcycles.

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QI – Nobody Knows?

30th January 2012

qinobodyknowscover200The “European Parliament Legislative Resolution” is the outcome of the raft of amendments submitted by MEPs to the European Commission’s proposal for a regulation on the approval and market surveillance of two- or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles.

The problem is that the text in some of the amendments and indeed in the original proposal from the European Commission is open to interpretation, or refers to delegated acts (technical and implementation requirements) that are still in discussion.

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The EU Chop Shop

11th January 2012

euchopshopcoversmallAt the last Motorcycle Working Group Meeting (MCWG) on December 14th 2011, the European Commission presented their views regarding extreme “Chopper” style vehicles which mainly concern national and individual approval purposes. For the UK this would be the Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval (MSVA).

Extreme “Chopper” style brings to mind motorcycles with long forks, stretched frames, high handle bars, modified from an original motorcycle design or built from scratch.

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Is The Sky Falling In?

24th November 2011

istheskyfallinginnov11coversmallOn Tuesday the 22nd November 2011 Right To Ride’s Elaine Hardy went to Brussels for meetings concerning the European Commission’s proposed EU Regulations for motorcycles.

Elaine met with a Representative of the European Commission, the assistant of UK MEP Malcolm Harbour, chair of the IMCO committee and chatted with Malcolm Harbour himself.

On the same day there was a protest ride by British motorcyclists around Brussels and Elaine wondered if these riders believed that the sky was falling in on motorcycling.

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DfT Response – Nightmare Scenario

16th October 2011

Right To Ride responds to The Department for Transport’s Consultation on the EU Regulations

The aim of the consultation is to help refine the UK’s impact assessment on the Commission’s proposal and provide an opportunity to receive comments based on the progress of discussions to date.

This seems to be a common sense approach as it seems absurd that a proposal for a regulation should be agreed upon without a clear understanding of the outcome.

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The Great European Poker Run

15th October 2011

Although the proposals were aimed at simplifying legislation, the Commission included so-called safety technology such as the mandatory application of Advanced Braking Systems (ABS).

The argument that the Commission, the Rapporteur of the IMCO committee Wim van de Camp and the Department for Transport in the UK have used, is that ABS will reduce around 20% of fatalities over the next ten years.

Until now, we have stayed away from the “safety” debate regarding ABS, because there is a general consensus  that overall, they do help in certain conditions to stop the motorcycle and help to stop loss of control.

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Moving the Goal Posts! EU Commission and the TRL Anti-tampering study

19th September 2011

movingthegoalpostsOn Friday, 16th September, the Motorcycle Working Group met again to discuss the issues surrounding the proposals for a regulation of 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles and market surveillance.

The Transport Research laboratory (TRL) presented their findings on Durability of pollution control measures, Light duty electric and hybrid vehicles – and they presented their findings regarding Tampering prevention.

In April this year, Right To Ride reported on the fact that the Commission had contracted the British research institute TRL to initiate a so called anti-tampering study on their behalf. As the name suggests, the study investigates the existing forms of ‘harmful power-train tampering’ as well as measures to prevent them.

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EU Proposals on motorcycles – Separating The Wheat From The Chaff

10th September 2011

wheatfromchaffcover100911smallRiders in the UK and in Ireland are up in arms about the EU Commission’s proposals for motorcycles.  Protest demonstrations have been organised for the 25th September throughout the UK and Ireland.

There are many issues of which riders have justifiable reasons to express their anger and concerns regarding these proposals.

There is however a lot of misinformation out there and it seems to us that riders are getting mixed messages about what the European Commission is actually proposing and what the MEPs and the UK Government is doing in response to these proposals.

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Amateur Bike Build – Brussels Style

15th July 2011

amateurbikebuilcoversmallRegarding amendments 95 – 304 to the proposal for a Regulation on approval and market surveillance of two or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles.

Commenting on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) meeting on 12 July 2011 presentation of amendments.

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Brainwashed In Brussels

29th May 2011

The Realm Of Safety – Continuing saga regarding the proposal for a Regulation on approval and market surveillance of two or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles COM(2010)0542

Commenting on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO)meeting on 24th May 2011 presentation of rapporteur’s report

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From Damnation To Purgatory

4th March 2011

A Response To – Working Document on the proposal for a Regulation on approval and market surveillance of two or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles COM(2010)0542

Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO)

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Sidecar Issue Resolved?

28th February 2011

It would appear that our correspondence with the European Commission has resolved certain issues surrounding motorcycles and sidecars (L4e vehicles) regarding their inclusion within proposals of a new framework directive for motorcycles.

What has been revealed is that the Commission seems to have mixed up the combination of L4e vehicles (motorcycle and sidecar) with stand alone sidecars (defined by the Commission as a Separate Technical Unit – aka STU).

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The Tampered Spirit of Motorcycling

11th February 2011

Response to DG Enterprise Regarding Framework Regulations for L vehicles Part 2

The reason for our additional document is to explain that from what we have been able to find, there is no relevant evidence that tampering (in the illegal sense) is a widespread problem and until such time as evidence can be found otherwise, hearsay or inconclusive research, should not be a reason to introduce legislation.

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China Syndrome

12th April 2010

The EU Commission aims to restrict EU motorcyclists from modifying their bikes as well as imposing mandatory ABS brakes on EU manufacturers while letting unsafe, unregulated and pollutant imports from China to flood the EU markets.

Perhaps it is time that our EU civil servants recognise that the modification of motorcycles using type approved parts is an important and profitable European industry, which does not need restricting through anti-tampering legislation.

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Brussels Tampers With Motorcycles

26th January 2010

Response to DG Enterprise Regarding Framework Regulations for L vehicles

It is envisaged to introduce:

a) A new package of measures on emissions including durability, measurement of CO2 emissions, evaporative emissions, as well as new emission limits for motorcycles, mopeds and quadricycles.

b) New safety measures to reduce road casualties, such as advanced braking systems, antitampering measures and specific requirements on quads.

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