Regulation Consultation DfT

The Department for Transport (DfT) in the UK has launched a consultation on the proposed new European regulation on the type approval process for motorcycles, three wheeled vehicles and quadricycles.

The aim of the consultation is to help refine the UK’s impact assessment on the Commission’s proposal and provide an opportunity to receive comments based on the progress of discussions to date.

The closing date for the consultation is the 28 October, however since negotiations are ongoing early responses are more likely to allow us to take any additional evidence into account during the negotiating stage.

This is a chance for motorcyclists to give the UK government your views (because the government does not like the majority of the EU proposals) and respond to the consultation in a coherent way.


DfT Press Release 5th September 2011

A consultation on a proposed new European regulation on the type approval process for motorcycles, three wheeled vehicles and quadricycles was published today by Roads Minister Mike Penning.

Type approval is used to certify that a vehicle meets minimum European standards on safety and exhaust emissions.

Vehicles which are type approved can be sold and registered throughout Europe without further approval restrictions being imposed by Member States.

The proposed new regulation would replace existing legislation setting out the requirements manufacturers must meet when presenting new motorcycles, three wheeled vehicles and quadricycles for type approval.

The proposed changes include bringing all type approval requirements for these vehicles under one regulation rather than several, as is currently the case, as well as introducing new requirements on vehicle safety and environmental impact.

Roads Minister Mike Penning said: “This is a chance for both motorcycle manufacturers and riders to have their say on this new EU Regulation.

“I hope as many people as possible will respond to the consultation and give us the benefit of their knowledge and experience as we progress towards the negotiating stage on these new rules.”

Comments received to the consultation will be used to help refine the UK’s negotiating position.

The consultation is open until 28 October 2011: Click Here