Other Videos

Just some other videos that we like, in no particular order.

Not so much about safety but more with a hint of perhaps sarcasm, riders expression of freedom and independence.


It Is Funny – You Will Get It!


More time, more fun!

Riding September

Just picked this up from the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations Facebook page as they say, “The way it should be”

We say, “Yes it is, not clinical and clean that others would have us! It’s raw and passionate as motorcycling should be!”


Avoiding Idiots On The Daily Commute To Work – Dublin


Dream Rangers

A powerful video albeit an advertisement about the passion for motorcycling that is never lost.

A passion that non motorcyclists do not understand and one where we hope we can all ride to a ripe old age.

Old motorcyclists do not just fade away – whatever life throws at you!


Crash Proof Motorcycle


CCTV Smart Car Chased Out Of Town