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The Australian state of Victoria has launched a new strategic action plan for Victorian motorcycle and scooter riders.

Launched on the 31st August 2009 by the Minister for Roads and Ports, Tim Pallas, the new plan, Victoria’s Road Safety and Transport Strategic Action Plan for Powered Two Wheelers 2009-2013 integrates both road safety and transport needs of motorcycle and scooter riders.

The plan replaces the previous motorcycle road safety strategy, the Victorian Motorcycle Road Safety Strategy 2002-2007.

The plan is aligned with the Victorian Government’s road safety strategy arrive alive 2008-2017 and the Victorian Transport Plan. It has been developed in consultation with a number of stakeholders including significant input from Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council (VMAC) members.

The action plan identifies four priorities for action:

  • increasing knowledge and understanding of powered two wheeled vehicle riding and crashes
  • recognising the role of powered two wheelers in the transport network and improving the road system for powered two wheelers
  • improving rider and driver awareness, skills and knowledge; and
  • encouraging greater use of safer motorcycles and scooters and protective clothing by riders.

Achievements of the previous 2002-2007 strategy include:

  • treating 120 high-risk locations or popular riding routes through the Motorcycle Blackspot Program (funded by the Motorcycle Safety Levy). This has reduced casualty crashes at the first 85 sites treated by 24 per cent
  • redeveloping the Victorian Rider Handbook and Motorcycle Knowledge Test
  • developing a better understanding of powered two wheeler crashes and identifying trial countermeasures
  • carrying out enforcement activities to address high-risk behaviours such as speeding and unlicensed riding
  • developing campaigns to promote safety for riders and raise rider awareness with other road users

There are 49 actions in the plan to improve safety and mobility for riders and pillion passengers. These actions build upon the 17 listed in the first action plan of the arrive alive strategy.

Actions in the plan include:

  • continuing to identify, trial and implement road treatments, products and practices to improve rider safety
  • reviewing the licensing and training system
  • promoting across Government the need to consider powered two wheelers in policy development and transport planning
  • researching the road safety and transport impacts of road space management opportunities to identify possible initiatives for trialling
  • developing, trialling and evaluating programs to improve the skills and knowledge of novice and returning riders
  • implementing a community policing and education program and targeting rider and driver enforcement around crash risks
  • encouraging the greater use of protective clothing

Right To Ride says, “Now that is a plan that covers all the bases, we hope our own, “Motorcycling in Northern Ireland – the Rider’s Perspective”, which offers the views of motorcyclists can be used to great affect, as a point of reference for a Motorcycling Strategy in Northern Ireland.


Further information and a copy of the plan can be found at

“Motorcycling in Northern Ireland – the Rider’s Perspective” can be viewed Click Here

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