Good Health At The TT

Just as Right To Ride got involved in publicising the “Cancellation of Reciprocal Health Agreement”, we received news that the Reciprocal Health Agreement will remain in place for a further six months.

Cancellation of the agreement would have meant that all medical service fees apart from A & E, would have had to met by any person visiting the Isle of Man and this would have meant taking out travel insurance .

Manx Radio reported that, Chief Minister Tony Brown made the shock announcement in Tynwald, the Parliament of the Isle of Man.

“He told the court and a packed public gallery that a temporary reciprocal health agreement would come in to place on April first to replace the outgoing one – and will then be evaluated.”

“Mr Brown said he’d only been told the news by the UK’s Secretary of State for Health Andy Burnham at lunchtime.” “Exact details aren’t clear yet”.

“But Mr Brown told Tynwald the British government’s change of mind had come about because of the pressure exerted by the Manx government, MPs and members of the public.”

“His announcement brought a great cheer from Tynwald members and people in the public gallery.”

Good news if you are heading to the TT races and good news all round for visitors and residents of the Isle of Man.

Hopefully the UK Government will see sense and make the temporary reciprocal health agreement permanent.


The Cancellation of Reciprocal Health Agreement website –

MANX Radio –

Good Health At The TT

15th March 2010

If you are planning to travel to the Isle of Man this year for the TT Races, the MANX GP, Southern 100 Races or just for a holiday, be aware that on the 31st March the reciprocal health agreement between the Isle of Man and the UK ceases.

Right To Right has picked this news up from the “Cancellation of Reciprocal Health Agreement” website which has gathered information to inform every one of the on going questions and answers in Parliament and subsequent lobbying to try to reverse the decision made by the UK Government.

The “Cancellation of Reciprocal Health Agreement” means that all medical services fees apart from A & E will be your responsibility, the advice at the moment for individuals is to take out travel insurance and to check that your policy covers the Isle of Man.

Although the cost of travel insurance is not likely to be very high there is a worry that most people won’t take it out because they probably don’t see it as necessary or simply won’t know about it, but hopefully travel agencies and travel websites will have picked up on the news and offer insurance policies to people travelling to the Isle of Man.

Fortunately for the TT competitors, they will be covered by health insurance – but only when officially in action, however members of motorcycle teams will have to take out their own insurance.

The “Cancellation of Reciprocal Health Agreement” website says that this cancellation, “needs reviewing and overturning before it’s too late. Don’t sit thinking you can’t do anything. The more of us that group together and shout, the harder we are to ignore!”

The “Cancellation of Reciprocal Health Agreement” website also says, “If you have anything you feel should be added to this site or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact page”.

In the meantime make sure if you are travelling to the Isle of Man, that you have health insurance cover.

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