Opposing Mandatory ABS

MP Sammy Wilson speaks out regarding mandatory ABS (Advanced Braking Systems) for Northern Ireland bikers.

Right To Ride has been in regular contact with Sammy about biking issues and we are delighted that he has once again demonstrated that he listens and is prepared to say it as it is.

Wilson Opposes Mandatory ABS For Motorbikes

East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has voiced his opposition to proposed legislation by the European Commission which would make it compulsory for all motorbikes to be fitted with Anti Lock Braking Systems.

Mr Wilson said:

“I am completely opposed to this legislation coming from Europe which gives little thought or consideration to the views of motorcyclists who are overwhelming opposed to such a measure being introduced. If the European Commission had listened to those who use bikes then they would understand ABS are not suitable for all driving and road conditions.

I am pleased that the Department of Transport seem to be taking the common sense approach on this issue and are also opposed to this legislation from Europe which seems to have been dreamt up by bureaucrats sitting in an office somewhere with little understanding of how the legislation that they are proposing will affect ordinary bike users and so I will continue to oppose this ill thought out legislation.”


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