Survey On Motorcyclists’ Experience

The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) reports that a team of European researchers is launching a survey to better understand the needs of riders in terms of safety. In asking the community about riding experience, strategies and habits, as well as perception of assistance systems, the researchers aim at improving the understanding of riding behaviour in order to recommend adapted safety improvements. The survey is available online in seven languages, and is open to all motorcyclists.

It is well-known in the riding and scientific communities that a better knowledge of motorcycle accidents is needed, in order to design appropriate solutions that suit the needs and demands of motorcyclists.

The MAIDS (Motorcycle Accident In-Depth Study) study of powered two-wheeler crashes in Europe showed that behavioural and ergonomic issues are major contributing factors to crashes. The majority of motorcycle crashes involve a collision with a car, and the primary cause for crashes is the failure of car drivers to perceive two-wheelers.

There has been a lot of research on the role of behaviour and ergonomics in car accidents, leading to a better understanding of accident causes, and the development of effective solutions. However, very little work has been conducted on two-wheelers.

Therefore, the European research project 2-BE-SAFE (Two-Wheeler Behaviour and Safety), which  gathers researchers from 10 European countries, Australia and Israel, is attempting to improve the  general knowledge of rider behaviour.

Understanding the challenges faced by riders

What are the safety issues motorcyclists face on the road? The best solution is to ask those who know best: the riders themselves.

The quick survey launched by 2-BE-SAFE allows riders to report on their riding experience , their attitude and strategies on the road, and what they perceive as risks on the road.

A new survey on advanced technology on bikes

The second part of the survey also asks the opinion of riders on various safety and assistance systems, including advanced braking systems, navigation units and other riding equipment.

This is the first time since 2008 that riders will be able to give their opinion on intelligent transport systems, which include assistance and information technologies currently being developed in laboratories around the world. It is a unique opportunity for European motorcyclists to say what they expect to be available in the stores tomorrow, and why.

The results of the survey will help with the identification of positives measures for motorcyclist safety, in the form of recommendations for traffic authorities, trainers, manufacturers, and infrastructure operators.

The survey is available online in the following languages:


The submissions are anonymous. The deadline for contributions is May 15th.

Before completing this survey please read our comments about this EU Project – 2BeSafe – Click Here

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