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The Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) reports –  that on the 5th April 2011, the European Commission’s Road Safety Unit escaped the office to join leather-clad riders for the day.

FEMA reports that the objective was a training day to meet real motorcycles and the motorcycling community.

The event was organised by FEMA, with the support of Circuit Zolder and the Centre de Maîtrise de la Route de Nivelles, the training day offered Commission officials a unique opportunity to discover, understand and practice the reality of two-wheeled mobility.

European Commission officials join FEMA members for a day in their shoes

The 17 members of staff, including Head of Department Mrs. Isabelle Kardacz, met with riders from across Europe in the early morning in Brussels, before travelling together to their destination: Circuit Zolder in Flanders.

On site, the programme featured a seminar as well as test track demonstration and practical exercises with experts from riders’ associations. The objective: dispel misconceptions on motorcycles and motorcyclists, and show what is important to improve their safety.

The trainees started by discovering the variety of motorcycling: different motorcycles, different motorcyclists, different uses. Welcome to the motorcycle community!

The wide variety of models available showcased the large difference that exists among motorcycles.

The first practical activity involved sorting displayed bikes by engine power. Not as easy as it looks! Engine size does not equal engine power, as all riders know. It’s an essential point to remember when drafting requirements for driving licence classes.

After a tutorial on the basics of motorcycle riding, dynamic characteristics and safety factors, speakers addressed accident statistics and measures for casualty reduction, with training at the forefront.

Members from riders associations in Sweden, France, Norway and Greece presented their work in the filed of safety improvements.

The audience of non-riders could then relate what they learned with their own experience as drivers, through a series of exercises.

Blind spots and lack of visibility at some intersections were identified as real hazards, underlining the need for specific training for car drivers.

Professional trainer Pierre-Yves saddled up for demonstrations of emergency braking and avoidance maneuvers, showing the dynamic differences between cars and bikes.

Motorcycling in practice

Of course, an introduction to motorcycling could not be complete without a test ride. Everyone was offered the opportunity to to join a short ride in the countryside, as pillion passengers behind FEMA’s finest, before trying scooters and motorcycles for themselves on the test track.

Because there is nothing like the road to learn, our trainees for the day were treated to the next best thing: a closed course test track. At the hands of the resident trainer, they donned riding gear and fired up the engine, rolling out for a first taste of riding.

In the shoes of first-time learners, they could get a grip of the basics of throttle, braking, turning, and the various factors affecting stability.

“A respectable community that takes matters into its own hands and deserves respect”

All participants wholeheartedly recognized that they had learned a lot, and that there was still a lot to learn in the future. In particular, they were impressed by the efforts the motorcycle community has been putting in improving risk awareness among members, praising its responsibility and commitment. As such, they assured the riders present that the community deserved great respect for that work.

While everyone agrees that one day’s worth can only touch upon the surface, this training day gave the experts of the European Union’s Commission a better understanding of the reality faced by riders on the road – and understanding each other is essential for working together.

For Original source and pictures – www.fema-online.eu

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