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EU researchers seek riders views.

As part of a European research project called “2-BE-SAFE” (Two-Wheeler Behaviour and Safety), a team of European researchers has launched a survey to better understand the needs of riders in terms of safety.

See: for background information.

FEMA, The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations, has a detailed page on the project here;

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As a founder member of FEMA, MAG Ireland is asking all motorcyclists to take part.

That said, however, we do have some reservations surrounding the survey and the way in which some of the 40 or so questions are phrased. If a question makes you feel uncomfortable, simply use the “No Comment” option where provided. Please do read the questions carefully before you decide to commit to answering.

Complete the survey –  Click Here

Closing date is May 15th 2011.

Right To Ride

See our full in-depth article on the 2BeSafe Survey – Click Here

You can view the whole survey as a pdf before filling it in – Click Here pdf 316kb

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