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Ride It Right www.rideitright.org has received a press release from the Motorcycle Council (MCC) of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia that has released its “Rider Risk” video series: a ten part series of videos aimed at improving rider skills.

They are very informative and give sound advice.

Don’t stop reading! – Don’t delete this! – Don’t hit the back button on your browser! It’s not what you might be thinking!

The videos are definitely not boring or finger wagging.

There is really good information, from: Braking – Counter steering – Protective Clothing – Crash Scene First Aid – Pillions – Cornering – Classic Crash Scenarios – Reading Road Users – Group Riding.

The videos are introduced by Adventure Rider, Steve Crombie, who says, “motorcycling is all about managing risk and covering your arse while building up your skills” and continues, “These episodes are going to be a mix of theory, facts and exercise, we’re talking about skills for every day riding.”

There’s the down to earth Australian frankness in parts of the videos and includes issues to start debates, to get riders of all skill levels thinking and talking.

View the videos at “Rider Risk” – Click Here

View the videos on the “Rider Risk” YouTube Channel – Click Here

The Official Bit

Motorcycle Council of NSW Chairman, Christopher Burns said, “A good rider is a good risk manager. These videos can help a rider to understand the risks, but it’s up to them to learn the skills and implement them.”

The NSW Government funded the video series as part of a “Make Motorcycling Safer” partnership with the MCC of NSW.

“Motorcycle Awareness Week is a time to remind riders to sharpen awareness of their own personal skills and to do a training course if in any doubt” said Mr Burns.

“The MCC of NSW encourages all riders to take refresher skills training” said Mr Burns, “it’s easy to spot an unskilled rider.”


The Motorcycle Council of NSW(MCC of NSW) was established in 1982 is the state’s pre-eminent motorcycle advisory group and represents 40,000 motorcycle riders from 38 social clubs and motorcycling organisations.

United we ride – Divided we walk


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