United Bikers of Ireland

United Bikers of Ireland is a new group who are all volunteers based in the ROI which aims to try and fight against the new EU Laws which are proposed in the European Commission’s – Approval and market surveillance of two – or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles.

As a committee United Bikers of Ireland feel that bikers need to unite and work together to try and stop these laws coming into effect.

In order to do this the United Bikers of Ireland feel that to get their point across, they need to meet with and lobby local politicians – TDs (Irish Elected Politicians) and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in order to expose the serious defects in this legislation together with the extortionate cost these new measures will confer on each State, versus the miniscule benefit, if any , that is expected.

The group have already moved forward and met politicians in October at Leinster House to discuss the forthcoming EU legislation proposal. In attendance was the Minister for Transport , Dr  Leo Varadkar, Caoimhghin O Caolain Sinn Fein TD, and motorcycle enthusiasts from across Ireland. Leinster House is the seat of the Oireachtas, the national parliament of Ireland.

United Bikers of Ireland are combining lobbying and meeting politicians with the megaphone diplomacy of protest rides by organising a large protest which will be run for the benefit of and hopefully with their involvement, all bikers in Ireland.

United Bikers of Ireland say, “We aim to hold a peaceful run to show the government and MEPs that we can be trusted, we do deserve greater freedoms then are being proposed in this EU legislation, we do not deserve to have such stringent controls enforced on us, we are safety conscious, and we deserve to be treated like responsible adults.”

”The bottom line is that the proposed legislation, is off the mark in the issues it aims to address,   is   seriously flawed in its approach   to   recommend remedies, and has the potential to create a monster of a legislation which is impractical to implement, extortionately expensive for Europe to administer, and that also has far reaching consequences for all other modes of transport if such a precedent is set”

The motorcycle protest is planned for this Saturday the 29th October, where 5,000 motorcycles from across Ireland will journey from various start points to Dublin, then to descend on the Government buildings of the Dail, for one major protest in a show of unity and expression of disappointment and frustration with this proposed legislation. A petition will also be handed in.

For full details of the United Bikers of Ireland and starting points of the feeder protest rides visit the website at:



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