It’s Not What You Think

In May the French authorities launched a new motorcycle safety video which highlights for their country that on a motorcycle, it’s not what you think: that most fatal accidents take place, not in town when it rains, but in open country, on dry roads in fine weather.

The new road safety film by the Sécurité Routière (Interministerial Committee on Road Safety Board (IRB)) says:

On bike, 2 of 3 fatal accidents take place in open country,
7 out of 10 in broad daylight
in 8 cases out of 10 in good weather.

On guard in town …

The action of this film takes place in urban areas and the countryside.

In the streets of downtown, the camera follows a biker and shows the dangers that can arise at any moment: the door of a parked car suddenly opens before his wheel, forcing him to a dangerous avoidance to circumvent the obstacle, the pedestrian crossing without looking, helmet ears, or the failure to give way, forcing him to an emergency braking, the car left without flashing emissions, forcing him to dodge a tricky maneuver .

Anticipation and extreme attention allow the rider to foil all these traps but …

Complacent … in the countryside.

In the countryside, once cleared of traffic by day on a nice dry road, the rider tends to change behavior.

The camera shows the biker that has been followed this time rolling into town on a narrow road surrounded by fields.

Suddenly, here he lowers his visor and puts gas in a roar.

The machine accelerates, disappears behind a grove, while the noise sounds of the accident.

By confronting the responsibility of other road users and the bikers themselves in fatal traffic accidents, the film transposes the real numbers.

The slogan of the campaign

“On bike, the biggest danger is to think that there is none. “

The video sets out well the dangers that motorcyclists face in urban areas, however and perhaps a hidden secondary message, as it is hard to ignore in the film, is the “aggressive” attitude of the rider.

What do you think?

View the film and making of the film (in French) on You Tube – Click Here

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