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fimgreenalternativeThe FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) recently published the latest edition of its Alternative Energy Newsletter.

The newsletter reports on “all things” of an alternative fuel nature with regards motorcycling and is the publication of the FIM Alternative Energy Working Group (AEWG).

The mission of the AEWG is, “To make motorcycle racing greener by integrating the latest technological developments in the field of alternative energy in FIM’s competitions and to prepare the future of motorcycling.”

The Chairman of the group is Robert Rasor and in his foreword in the newsletter he says, “Rapid advances in electric vehicles for transportation and competition continue to fascinate everyone interested in what the future of motor vehicles will look like; the FIM is no exception. It is almost as if the development of electric motorcycle sport cannot evolve fast enough to keep up with developments in the technology and vehicle innovations.

The 2013 FIM eRoad Racing World Cup got off to a slow start but is responding rapidly to enthusiasts and developers. The acid test for success will probably be witnessed in 2014, when a complete calendar will be presented and the technology will be put to the test in the presence of real expectations. The future for electric vehicles and competition looks bright.”

fimgreenaug2013Articles in the newsletter range from news to reports with the headline news:

  • The FIM teams up with TTXGP for promotion of new e-Road Racing series!
  • FIM presents: E-MX – “first ever electric motocross race”
  • Brammo Empulse electric motorcycles to race against gas bikes in AFM series
  • E-motorcycles competition for kids!
  • Cars 2020 working group meeting on electric and alternative fuel vehicles
  • Lone Rider Terry Hershner goes coast – to – coast on his electric Zero 51 – 100
  • Three million charging stations in Europe by 2019?
  • The state of play of electric – mobility projects in the European Union
  • New entries on the market 2013 – Including Hyundais E4U concept for a 100% electric egg-shaped personal transporter
  • Japanese auto makers team up to build 12000 new EV stations across Japan

An interesting read on developments and news on alternative energy.

We couldn’t finish without making a comment about the Hyundai’s E4U egg-shaped personal transporter and it has got to be reference to  – “go to work on an egg!”

Anyway to make up for that, here is a video below from the eRoad Racing FIM World Cup.


Read more about the FIM Alternative Energy Working Group (AEWG) – Click Here

FIM Alternative Energy Newsletter – Issue 18 – August 2013 – pdf – 693kb – Click Here

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  1. Thanks Steve for your comments.

    Loud pipes may be ok or not but is it whem loud changes from sound – which is pleasant to the ear of the beholder to noise- which is unpleasant to any beholder!

    Some documents on sound/noise at our Virtual Library – Click Here

    And it looks like UNECE are looking at this:

    Click Here


    So I wonder if the Guide Dogs for the Bind are aware of this Global Technical Regulation, as they say, “Time is running out before the Council of the European Union make a decision on our Safe and Sound campaign. Help us ensure all new quiet vehicles must be fitted with an artificial sound generator.”

    If it’s a Global Technical Regulation and the European Union adopt it and the UK is signed up to the agreement then electric vehicles will have to comply!

    However I see that the “Safe & Sound” campaign calls for the mandatory introduction of audible sound generators on cars. I assume reading this that it is all cars, as they say, “Electric, Hybrid and quiet combustion engine cars are making today’s vehicles quieter; posing a serious risk to blind and partially sighted pedestrians.”

    So I wonder are they happy with the sound that todays bike generate?

  2. Having just read this I was then hit with a flyer from my local political party about the Blind Dogs Organisation and do you remember people used to say ‘Loud Pipes Save Lives’ well apparently they do as the Guide Dogs Organisation is campaigning for the installation of audible sound generators on cars to improve road safety for all pedestrians especially those who are blind or partially sighted at:

    Maybe it needs to be extended to electric motorbikes as well?

  3. James May races an electric bike at the MANX GP 😉

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