How Many Devices!

fbmcA You Tube video from the FBMC – the Belgian Federation of Angry Bikers – highlights in a “comical” way how many devices can be used, to “not” drive with full attention on the road and to other vehicles!

The video – see below – is in French, however sometimes actions speak louder than words!

As we have said in the past about mobile phone use, those people who just can’t live without operating devices whilst driving or even riding, “These pariahs of mobile phone use, should be penalised for their actions due to the danger they cause and motorcyclists or any other road users, should avoid them at all costs!” – Right To RideDistracted Driving

Meanwhile also reported from FBMC – the Belgian Federation of Angry Bikers, is that they have used smartphones and tablets to good use.

In December 2012 under the Photosmarty freely accessible by users of smartphones and tablets they have enable users to via surveys to identify potential road hazards.

Based on these surveys, FBMC is currently conducting a mapping of the dangers faced on the roads.

Last week FBMC invited bikers to use the application. Results: FBMC received “more than 2,000 reports in less than ten days” for Wallonia, says Joe Vereecke, for which the situation has reached a “point of no return.”

How would our Roads Service cope with that we wonder?

At Right To Ride although we don’t have a fancy app, nor have we gone that far electronically, but we do have on the website a – Fix A Road – On-line Report Survey – this has the aim to help us build a picture of the hazards motorcyclists face on the roads in Northern Ireland by completing the on-line form……”

However apart from a few responses there does not seem to be a problem out there for Northern Ireland riders, or is there?

Maybe we need one of “them there” apps …………….

More successful are our – Don’t Overfill – Diesel Spills – stickers and posters.

The idea is that the sticker provides an advisory warning on vehicles and at petrol stations for drivers, that prevention is better than a cure and that drivers, both commercial and private, should remember not to overfill their tanks and to refit the filler cap securely.

Adelaide Insurance Services sponsored the stickers.

Thanks to their sponsorship we can offer the stickers free of charge and we have 20,000 stickers available.

The message is simple that diesel deposited on the road is a danger to motorcyclists, by highlighting the issues to the drivers of diesel vehicles so that they can make the road a safer place for the riders of motorcycles, scooters , mopeds and other road users, including cyclists.

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FBMC – On Facebook

FBMC – Website – Forum

La tablette numérique en voiture…un danger??

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  1. Got to agree as my own experiences of seeing drivers using their mobile phone, eating, drinking, shaving, putting on makeup, reading, using laptops, etc whilst driving – it would appear that driving the vehicle has now become secondary to everything else.

    Maybe you should offer a prize for the most bizarre act whilst driving a vehicle – mine is seeing someone writing in a book balanced on their steering wheel whilst driving in the rush hour – but I’m sure there are a lot worse out there.

  2. Very good, even got my favorite, turning to face the passenger so they can see your paying attention to them and they are paying attention to you, often women, but not exclusively…

    Though they did miss the 2 lap-tops, one for prat-nav blocking part of the screen, the other playing a dvd movie, Eastern European truckers most frequently!

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