Pesky MEPs

Wim__van_der_Kamp_Straatsburg-250Those pesky European MEPs – Dutch MEP Wim van de Camp – getting involved in and supporting motorcycling as an ambassador for the Friends of the TT Circuit Assen foundation.

The Friends of the TT Circuit Assen, is committed to a positive image of the TT Circuit in Assen and defends the interests of all friends, including the active motor and sports car as users of the TT Circuit. Promoting positive, sustainable and socially responsible image surrounding the TT Circuit.

I was lucky enough several years back, after a safety conference to have a “blast” around the Assen circuit on my then Buell XB9R,  the banking in the corners then and the grip on the track was something else!

Wim van de Camp also said recently at a Friends of the TT Circuit Assen event that he, “Is in favour of a much more flexible regime around the so-called third motorcycle licence.”

“I think there should be a review of the rules” and that the licence rules are discouraging “motorcycle riding”.

Whatever next?

Trevor Baird

Right To Ride EU

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