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fema-meeting-jan-2015-250 FEMA – the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations has elected a new President.

Elected at the FEMA annual meeting in Brussels on Saturday – 31st January 2015 the new President is – Anna Zee from the British Motorcyclists Federation BMF – the first female female president in the history of FEMA.

Anna Zee was the Chairman of the BMF for five years and is currently the Political and Technical Services Director of the BMF.

Anna was recently awarded by the Women’s International Motorcycle Association – WIMA the Ellen Pfeiffer Award in recognition of her contribution to WIMA and motorcycling causes on a national and European level.

For the eagle eyed among you, you may have noticed in the group picture of the FEMA National Organisation representatives present at the FEMA annual meeting that our own Trevor Baird was present at the meeting.

This presence was due to the fact that he now has a separate role outside Right To Ride, that role is as a volunteer for MAG Ireland – The Irish Motorcyclists’ Association

annazeeAs MAG Ireland chatted on their Facebook page about the FEMA annual meeting and this weeks European Motorcyclists, Forum – EMF, “It’s a working weekend for MAG Ireland with our European Liaison Peter flying the flag for Irish riders in Brussels while Trevor is busy preparing for the European Motorcyclists’ Forum on Monday. Your support as a member is what makes this possible.”

“Two MAG Ireland reps heading to Brussels this weekend to represent Irish riders at the FEMA meeting and the European Motorcyclists’ Forum. Putting your voice at the heart of Europe.”

“MAG Ireland’s Trevor Baird will represent Irish riders while the RSA’s Brian Harnett will give a presentation in the Irish implementation of the new licensing laws which were introduced in January 2013.”

“Trevor brings a wealth of experience in representing riders at the highest levels nationally and internationally.”

“As a MAG Ireland member (and former general secretary of MAG UK), Trevor is well versed in the issues which affect riders on both sides of the border. His prior experience working with FEMA in the role of Technical Officer will be invaluable to MAG Ireland on the EU stage. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Trevor to the MAG Ireland team and we look forward to working with him for the benefit of all riders.”

At Right To Ride we wish Trevor all the best in a returning chapter in his rider lobbying life.

Of course congratulations and support to Anna Zee in her new role with the further and ever changing chapter in the life of FEMA and rider representation in Brussels.

FEMA has also recently taken on a new General Secretary in the form of Dolf Willigers who takes over this position from the now previous incumbent.

We look forward to a resurgence of focused motorcyclists’ representation at the European level, to parliament its parliamentarians and the European legislators.

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